‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Jennifer Morrison On Emma’s Complicated Path

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September 17, 2012

Once Upon A Time’s Jennifer Morrison spoiled about Emma’s ‘complicated’ path that lies ahead of her when season 2 premieres September 30th with, “Broken”. The always lovely star spoils about her reunion with Snow and Charming, Henry, love and of course, magic. Read on and tell me your thoughts about the upcoming continuation of ABC’s Once Upon A Time.

“The world is upside-down for Emma. Not that she is Alice in Wonderland, but in a sense she [has] gone down the rabbit hole. Up is down, down is up, left is right…. Her whole world is shaken up, and she’s sort of a new being. [Emma] has to find a way protect her son and her relationships with her family, and figure out how to move forward without being so [emotionally] guarded. After experiencing the initial joy of finding her parents, Emma struggles as she learns how to be parented. There’s definitely romance coming” for the former bail bondswoman. It’s going to be a long process of discovery,” Morrison hints. “In trying to keep everyone safe and trying to figure out what [magic returning] means for the world, you’re going to start to discover the sorts of things that she’s capable of — and she’s going to discover that, too.”

Source: TV Line