Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Jennifer Morrison And Colin O’Donoghue Tease What’s Next For Emma, Hook & Neal?!

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October 30, 2013

Last Sunday’s episode of Once Upon A Time left Hook and Emma dfas wanting more, and deservedly so!! I know I was definitely feeling the chemistry between them. Well, I have the all the scoop on what’s to come now that a connection has been made. Colin O’Donoghue spoils those details, plus Jennifer Morrison reveals she has ‘no complaints’ where Hook’s performance is concerned and teases how all this will affect the inevitable love triangle when Neal is found.

What’s Next for Captain Swan

Colin O’Donoghue says he can’t see any further movement happening before they get Henry back. “That should take precedence, especially considering Emma is his mother,” he says. “So it’s about whether anything can grow from that and within the confines of this quest. So I don’t know.”

Colin O’Donoghue notes, “Hook spent 300 years looking for revenge because he lost one woman. Who knows what would happen to him if it happened again?” For the short-term, though, the sea captain won’t be making waves. “He is desperately trying his best to be a team player, to try and help save Henry. Because he now sees there’s more to life than that side of things,” the actor previews. That said, O’Donoghue warns, “It’s very easy to go back to old habits.”

Hook’s Performance

Morrison says, “Listen, I have no complaints on this show. I’ve gotten to kiss Jamie Dornan, Michael Raymond-James, and Colin O’Donoghue. I think I’m doing OK.”

What About Neal?!

Jennifer Morrison promised, “There is a point at which Emma’s truth about both Neal and Hook have to be made public.” “You can imagine a million ways in which it will happen, and you will not imagine the way it will happen,” she teases.