'Once Upon A Time' Spoilers: Ginnifer Goodwin Teases Family Drama For Season 2

'Once Upon A Time' Spoilers: Ginnifer Goodwin Teases Family Drama For Season 2

ABC's breakout hit, Once Upon A Time captivated viewers from jump with it's whimsical settings and character based drama. Once continued to deliver intriguing and mysterious story lines throughout season 1. Series star, Ginnifer Goodwin, recently spoiled some of the secrets developing for season 2, including some family drama between Snow, Charming and Emma.

Your show doesn't mess around — tying up the big storyline in the first season. Were you surprised?
Oh, shocked! I was sure, as I was told when I signed on, that the crux of the show was this unbreakable curse. And I am delighted — the word delighted does not even begin to sum up how ecstatic I am that we’re going to explore new territory next year, because it will be a whole new show now that we remember our parallel lives.

Do you think that will eliminate the need for flashbacks, which is a huge part of the show?
I asked that as well, but there are still so many pieces of the puzzle that we need, and we’ll add more, so we’ll absolutely continue the flashbacks because we’ll keep providing the audience with more clues. We need to fill in some blanks and we’re going to create some new conundrums that will need filling in.

Snow and Charming — they’re now reunited. Is it too early to say they’ll live happily ever after with the smoke coming?
I mean I hope we are together! Because I feel that Snow and Charming are meant to be together, and I am assuming that this season — and I am hoping — they are a united force and it’s all about them developing a relationship with their daughter.

You’ve mentioned that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) may have some resentment about being abandoned.
I would imagine given what I think we’ll discover she went through as a child in the foster system, that even if it’s unfair in some ways, even if it was a better scenario (than staying in Fairy Tale Land under the curse) I would imagine there is some kind of resentment, and on the part of the parents there would be some kind of guilt.

That’s awkward if they live together.
And they’re the same age! That’s going to be real interesting!

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