Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Fresh Season Finale Scoop!!

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Fresh Season Finale Scoop!!

Once Upon A Time Executive Producers Adam Horwitz and Edward Kitsis had a sit down to discuss their upcoming season 2 finale event. Once's stars Josh Dallas, Lana Parilla, Ginnifer Goodwin and Robert Carlyle also joined in on the spoilery fun with an array of teases for the May 12th finale.

"This season has been about this reluctant family who has been torn asunder and pulled in 15 million different directions by circumstance, who at the end of the season must find some way to come together," executive producer Adam Horowitz says.

After last night's episode, it appears the story may be moved to Neverland, as clued by the titles of this season's last two episodes, "Second Star to the Right" and "And Straight on 'Til Morning". And if you're unfamiliar with the fairytale, those are the directions that Peter Pan gives to Wendy, John and Michael so they can find Neverland.

What's the coolest thing about the season finale?
Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin):
Sneezy, who went over the town line, might be getting his ­memory back.
Edward Kitsis (executive producer): And if he gets his memory back for a happy dwarf reunion, I wonder what other characters could, too?
Carlyle: There's a lovely ­moment Emilie de Ravin [Belle] and I shot that Rumpbelle fans will love. But in Once style, ­it doesn't last long.
Adam Horowitz (executive producer): After two years, these characters are going to a place emotionally and physically different from where they've ever gone before.
Ginnifer Goodwin (Mary Margaret/Snow White): There is something that happens in the finale that breaks a pattern, and I look forward to seeing how that changes the ­people involved.
Lana Parrilla (Regina/Evil Queen): I love that there's a possibility for Snow and Regina to have a relationship. We're all family.
Kitsis: You all have blood on your hands, but you all have love in your hearts. The question is, what will unite our rivals? Magic's got a price, and it's incredibly heartbreaking.
Josh Dallas (David/Prince Charming): Like the finale of Season 1, this will change it all completely.

When you learned that Storybrooke was in danger of being destroyed in the finale, what were your thoughts?
I thought, "Poor Steveston" [the British Columbia town that doubles for Storybrooke]. It's made such a living off the show.
Carlyle: I'd be sincerely upset to lose Mr. Gold's shop. I'm very, very protective of it.
Goodwin: Oh, yes, you are! [Whispers] None of the rest of us are allowed to touch anything in there.
Parrilla: Even the props that once belonged to us! Or we'll get hit in the hand with his cane.

Once Upon a Time has not yet killed off an original main character — compared with, say, The Walking Dead, which has now killed off four.
[Dallas's and Goodwin's eyes widen with horror]
Dallas: You just ruined The Walking Dead for us!
Goodwin: We just started watching Season 2. This is why we will not spoil our final two episodes for our audience! [Laughs]

Sorry! Eddy and Adam, since you previously worked on Lost, does this finale remind you of any Lost storylines?
As with Lost, the biggest thing we're striving to do each season is find ways to keep the show the same but move it to a new place.

There's a scene that finds most of you, plus Henry (Jared Gilmore), congregating in the diamond mine. What can you tease about this?
What's surprising about this is the light and dark forces trying to work together for a greater good.

Does that apply to Mr. Gold as well?
No, no. Not at all. He's in a different place. For him, it's all about getting Belle back.

What can you say about the introduction of Peter Pan's Neverland?
I can say Neverland will have consequences for, and touch, everyone at this table.
Jennifer Morrison (Emma): That sounds dirty, Eddy. Peter Pan has always been one of my favorites, so I can't wait to meet him.

With Neverland coming into play, is there a possibility for Emma to ­capture some of her lost childhood?
The interesting thing is, [Neverland] is about belief and lost youth. And now that Emma is back with her parents, you have a group of people who will never get back the time they lost — including Mr. Gold, who lost a long time with his son [Baelfire]. And a hint for Season 3 is that Emma's job with magic is far from done.

What about the possibility of the characters getting doused with pixie dust and taking flight?
"You have to believe in fairies" is what I heard.
Parrilla: We'll be flying until the harnesses start to kill our bodies, and then we'll be like, "We don't want to fly anymore!"