Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Emma And Mary Margaret’s Return, Plus More

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November 21, 2012

EW has a delicious holiday scoop for ABC’s Once Upon A Time. Emma and Mary Margaret make it home, but there’s a catch. Plus, big and explosive things are ahead for Archie!

Emma and Mary Margaret are coming back! But as Jennifer Morrison teases, everyone stuck in “post-apocalyptic fairytale land” is in for “quite a journey” as David and Henry attempt to bring back the mother-daughter duo. The big issue? How to accomplish selective return! “They’re trying to keep [Cora and Capt. Hook] out,” says Morrison. “It’s like, ‘How do we bring back Emma and Margaret and keep out the other ones?’”
Possibly related? Morrison reports “there will be a pretty major cliffhanger” at the end of episode nine. But before you connect the two, it seems the core four aren’t the only ones with major issues to contend with as season 2 continues. “What I can tell you is that there are some pretty big, explosive things coming for Archie, for sure,” Raphael Sbarge says. “It’s pretty dramatic — that’s what I’ll say. As far as where it goes from there, I believe the Once Upon a Time scripts and the nuclear launch codes are essentially kept in the same location.”
But one thing we won’t be seeing any time soon is the psychologist giving his take on Henry’s strange, fire-filled dreams. (Seems like a natural fit, don’t you think?) “I don’t have that on my radar yet,” he says “I agree with you that there’s an opportunity there, but we haven’t gotten there yet. With the curse sort of going sideways, I think there’s ample job security for Archie. Everyone’s falling apart!”

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    Is it just me, or is Archie/Jiminy the most useless cast member of OUAT? Zzzzzzzzz.