Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Edward Kitsis On Pinocchio & The Huntsman’s Fate

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January 5, 2013

I have dome fresh New Year’s scoop for the possible return two beloved and sorely missed Storybrooke characters. Once Upon A Time Executive Producer Eddy Kisis teases what he has in store for Pinocchio and The Huntsman.

August W. Booth/Pinocchio

”We are hoping to have him back. August is an important part of the fabric of the story, and it’s a story that we are continuing to tell.” In the meantime, though, Eddy Kitsis confirms that “you will get the answer” to what it was that August showed Neal Cassidy to convince him of Emma’s fantastical backstory.

The Huntsman ~ Jamie Dornan

As has often been the series creators’ refrain, you will maybe someday see Dornan again in a flashback, but never in Storybrooke. “[Sheriff] Graham is dead,” asserts Kitsis, “and if we brought him back, everyone would say we were messing with continuity. We don’t want to do that.” Kitsis notes that last season revealed one love of Emma’s life — son Henry — while this cycle introduced us to another, Neal Cassidy, who likely will resurface during February sweeps. As for a certain pushy pirate? “Hook is obviously eye-candy,” Kitsis allows. “I don’t know if Emma would stare at him and think he’d be a great father to Henry, but he might be fun in Vegas!”

Source: TV Line