Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Captain Hook’s Accomplice In Storybrooke

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December 12, 2012

Hook and Cora were pulling into the Storybrooke Harbor when Once Upon A Time aired it’s heart warming mid-season finale. Hook has serious designs on avenging Milah’s death, which if you remember, was at the hands of her estranged husband, Rumpelstiltskin. Well, the Captain will definitely have help catching his crocodile when Once returns January 6th, by way of Mr. Smee~Eureka‘s Christopher Gauthier, who is due to return after the holiday hiatus.

“Smee will definitely play a part in Hook’s plans,” Colin O’Donoghue assured me. Speaking of the sidekick’s previous target, could Belle land in Hook’s hooks, as a way of getting back at his mortal foe Rumplestiltskin? “Belle is such a huge part of Rumple’s life…,” O’Donoghue agreed. “She might figure into the equation.”

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    Also, recently on Twitter Adam Horowitz (show creator) confirmed Smee would be back.