Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Belle’s Memory, Plus More On The New Outsiders Coming To Storybrooke

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February 6, 2013

Once Upon A Time Executive Producer, Edward Kitsis, has a spoilery bite to share about Belle’s current memory loss and weather fans can expect them to return anytime soon.

“If it was permanent, that would be the most bleak end,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says, noting that how Gold helps her gets her memory back will certainly be a story line to watch out for.

Josh Dallas has some vague, but intriguing spoilers concerning Storybrooke’s recent outsider and the two that are on their way. More specifically, Brothers & Sisters alum John Pyper-Ferguson’s character, Ben, his young son, Owen~Benjamin Stockham and our latest car crash outsider, Greg Mendell.

“I can’t tell you anything,” Dallas hedged. “Just know that he’s an outsider.” Speaking of outsiders, Dallas was slightly more forthcoming with a status report on wayward driver Greg Mendell, played by Ethan Embry. “In this Sunday’s episode, you see Greg grilling Belle about what she actually saw that night at the car accident,” he said, musing: “Hmm, why does he want to know…?”