Once Upon A Time Spoilers: A Proposal, Neal's New Resolve & Silver Slippers?!

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: A Proposal, Neal's New Resolve & Silver Slippers?!

Once Upon A Time is still a few weeks away from their midseason premiere March 9th, "New york City Serenade". I've got some fabulous spoilers to share, including detailed spoilers about Neal's new found resolve, a proposal gone awry and fresh scoop on Oz's ruby silver slippers?!

Here's what Jennifer Morrison has to spoil:

"It was everything that I imagined and more. The midseason premiere, which jumps back a year to tell the story of everyone's return to the Enchanted Forest, also features a shocking proposal that doesn't quite go the way of happily-ever-after."


The good news is that Neal is resolved to reunite with Emma, some way, somehow. The bad news is that his Oncebaby momma’s parents don’t immediately agree with his agenda, since they know that Emma is now living in NYC, partially oblivious yet unarguably happy with son Henry. As Josh Dallas explained to MM on the set, “When we get back to fairytale land, Neal is determined to go find Emma, but Charming and Snow just want their daughter to be happy. So they try to say, ‘Look, this is where we live now. This is what we have and that [other realm] is where she and Henry are. We have to let them go.’” But will Neal listen?

If viewers recall, in season 2, episode 5 of Once, entitled “The Doctor,” there is a scene with young Regina, Rumple and Jefferson at his castle. When Rumple mentions something about the “ruby slippers,” the camera focuses on Regina’s face and she appears nervous and drops something on the table, indicating that the mention of the ruby slippers had some effect on her. Was that on purpose? Is Regina somehow connected to OZ or the footwear in question?

The slippers you refer to “probably won’t be ruby,” exec producer Eddie Kitsis reveals. Adds fellow EP Adam Horowitz: “The ruby slippers may have been a false road because, in the books, they were silver slippers.” And Once will be “sticking to the book for legal reasons,” confirms Kitsis. Now, back to your actual question regarding Regina’s connection to OZ, I have no clue. But at least I cleared up the ruby confusion! That’s gotta be worth something!