Once Upon A Time Spoilers: A Noble Character Makes A Dark And Dastardly Decision

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February 27, 2013

Once Upon A Time loves their story twists and so do we, but this one may just be too much for my heart to take. Sources confirm that one character will make a life altering decision that will forever darken their pure heart.

A noble and moral character makes a drastic decision that will forever mar his or her future, something so dastardly and irreversible that you would think that this character was actually evil rather than pure of heart.

Any guesses on who will make the biggest mistake of their lives?

  • Ann

    Yes I think it will be Snow. We have seen in the past that she is capable of being less then pure of heart. She has a hardness to her that could turn dark and Rumpelstiliskin warned Charming that once she started down that path there was no turning back. Could be interesting and would really put a strain on her and Charmings relationship.