Once Upon A Time Spoilers: 12 Season 2 Premiere Teases for “Broken”

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September 27, 2012

The season 2 premiere of Once Upon A Time is almost here and thanks to TV Line I have a preview of what fans can expect from the season opener, “Broken”. The laundry list of spoilery goodies touches on everything left adrift in the season 1 finale, plus a few new and exciting elements for what will surely be a stupendous sophomore season. Once Upon A Time premieres this Sunday, on ABC!!

  • The premiere starts off in perhaps one of the last locations you would expect, and you’d be hard-pressed to guess which person is in those scenes.
  • “Grandpa?” Yeah, you are so gonna proud.
  • Belle cleans up really, really, really, really well.
  • Who are you, Whale? That is an excellent question. In fact… it’s a question asked by one of the main characters.
  • Speaking of Dr. Whale: Apparently David never got looped in on the brief little somethin’-somethin’ that Mary Margaret had going with the frisky physician. (We were on a break!) That sets the table for a rather hilarious passing moment.
  • Reer! Princess Aurora is more than a little jealous of Mulan’s “loyalty” to Prince Phillip. Also: Aurora and Phillip really like to kiss. Get thee a room!
  • You know how the producers always share their zeal for offering a new spin on familiar fairytale characters? In the spirit of that, be patient with the Aurora/Phillip/Mulan storyline….
  • There’s a recurring… thing… throughout the episode, that I most likely can’t talk about. But I’ll say this: The special FX involved are extremely cool.
  • Why wouldn’t Emma be thrilled to finally find her parents? Stay tuned, because she will tell you exactly why — and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t makes a compelling argument.
  • David at one point says, “I know it’s old-fashioned… but so am I.” Ha!
  • Chip!
  • ABC literally has warned reporters that if we reveal the ending, “Regina will find you and curse you.” So, as much as I fancy an in-person visit from Lana Parrilla — and even though the first OMG! moment takes place a few scenes before what is technically the ending (which itself an OMG! moment) — I must heed their wishes. But wow. Oh, reminder: Once Upon a Time premieres Season 2 this Sunday at 8/7c.