‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoiler Round-up: Rumple’s Intentions, Plus A Return For Maleficent?!

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June 14, 2012

Once Upon A Time EP Adam Horowitz gave fans a cryptic tease about Rumple’s true plans for Storybrooke and it’s resisdents. Horowitz revealed that Rumple’s game changing move was well thought out.

”His plan [to restore magic] was set in motion long before he knew that Belle was alive,” notes exec producer Adam Horowitz. “ So all his actions in the finale were part of something else going on. When he discovers that Belle is alive and that Regina had her locked away, that’s a wrinkle in his plan and something that he must deal with in Season 2 while he also deals with whatever agenda he already has (hey, we’re not gonna spill that just yet!).”

Last we saw vampire hottie, Kristin Bauer~True Blood, she was weaving her wicked magic as Maleficent in the Season 1 finale, Magic Is Coming. Unfortunately Emma stabbed Maleficent’s dragon alter-ego in the heart just moments before the magic was returned to Storybrooke. However, don’t count her out just yet, Bauer teases that a return in season 2 is absolutely possible.

“I think that when that mist rolled in, anything can happen, right?” Bauer said in a recent phone interview. “That’s what I’m telling myself, when a purple mists happens, I think you’re good…but who knows? On that show, boy there really are no boundaries as far as who comes back or not.”