‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoiler Round-up: Revenge, Love And Secrets Revealed in Season 2

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September 18, 2012

Once Upon A Time’s second season premiere is just under two weeks away, September 30th, and the spoilers just keep rolling in for ABC’s hit fairytale drama! Below is a detailed summary of what we know so far, and it looks like everyone in Storybrooke will have an intensely new dynamic in place. In addition, our players will face new challenges and new characters in season 2.

  • Regina recently shot an intense scene with Mr. Gold in his pawnshop. She had to conceal the item she took away from the shop in fear that onlookers would see exactly what she took.
  • Dr. Whale’s past with Regina will be revealed in episode 5.
  • Mary Margaret and Emma will somehow be ejected from Storybrooke and quickly find themselves on an adventure that will test their bravery and survival skills.
  • Grumpy will lead The seven dwarves toward vengeance, trying to hang Regina from her very own apple tree.
  • Mr. Gold’s magic will take on a more ‘personal nature’ with his beloved Belle.
  • In a heartfelt moment, Belle will discover that Mr. Gold kept the chipped teacup all this time.
  • There will be a Rumbelle kiss in the premiere episode, “Broken”, that we’ve all been waiting for!
  • Robert Carlyle said that while he can not reveal who Baelfire is, we will find out who he is in season two. “I know what’s going to happen, and it’s pretty mega.”
  • Captain Hook and Rumplestiltskin go way back.
  • We will finally meet Rumplestiltskin’s wife in season two.
  • In not-so-good-news, Aladdin and the Little Mermaid’s appearances have been pushed back.
  • Henry’s dad!! “There is a certain percentage of this man that Emma knows, and a certain [bit] that she doesn’t. She had some sort of relationship with him, but there is an element of surprise for Emma as to the fullness of who this man is.”

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