Once Upon A Time Spoiler Round-up: Henry’s Dad Returns, Plus A Showdown For Hook & Rumple

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November 7, 2012

Once Upon A Time spoiled in Sunday’s episode that Neal Cassady is definitely Emma’s baby daddy. Jennifer Morrison reveals that she knew from the pilot episode who Henry’s father was and it is not the last time we will see him. I smell more to their story than meets the eye.

“He obviously is posed with the possibility of coming back to Storybrooke because of the pigeon who brought him the little note,” Jennifer Morrison says. “So I think definitely there’s going to have to be a decision made on his part as to whether or not he decides to follow up on what he started 10 years ago.”

Colin O’Donoghue is busy filming episode 10, but had just enough time to tease what fans will get to see and when the highly anticipated reunion of Captain Hook and Rumpelstiltskin will happen.

“We haven’t gotten there,” Colin O’Donoghue. As for who would win in a fight when they do come face-to-face again? “I’m going to say that Hook as the advantage because I play Captain Hook, so I’m not going to give into Rumplestiltskin!” he says with a laugh.