Once Upon A TIme Spoiler Round-up: Charming's Fate, Storybrooke Scoop, Neal & Emma, Plus Regina's Non-Love Life?!

Once Upon A TIme Spoiler Round-up: Charming's Fate, Storybrooke Scoop, Neal & Emma, Plus Regina's Non-Love Life?!

ABC's Once Upon A Time really delves into the first part of season 3 tonight with, "Quite A Common Fairy". Our heroes have already faced serious peril in Neverland, including Charming getting poisoned. The good news is I have the spoilery details about Charming's fate, the bad news is that it doesn't look good for Papa. In other news, my spoiler round-up includes fresh scoop about Storybrooke, Emma, Neal and Regina's non-love life.

Charming's Fate
"He dies," jokes executive producer Adam Horowitz. Relax. He's not dead — yet — but Peter Pan did say that Emma would leave Neverland as an orphan. "Peter Pan is a guy of his word. This is a terrible circumstance he's found himself in. It's also a circumstance that's going to get worse and more complicated," says Horowitz. Fellow executive producer Edward Kitsis adds that the Dreamshade poisoning will bring out the true essence of Prince Charming's noble, heroic nature. "The way he deals with adversity is truly practicing what he preaches. He's going to put his family first even at the risk of his own life." Ruh-roh.

Storybrooke & Aerial
Emily de Ravin shared, “I just shot some stuff in Storybrooke, actually, and it was nice to work with people there who I hadn’t usually worked with.” On the presumably non-Storybrooke front, de Ravin also revealed that Belle makes a new friend “who may be a mermaid. And that’s been really fun.”

Neal’s Road Home
“This show never seems to be short in the obstacles department,” Raymond-James shares. “It’s one of those things where the answer to one problem usually leads to seven more problems that one needs to overcome. So there’s some tough sledding ahead, I’ll say that.”

Emma & Neal
“They have no sense in Neverland what happened with Neal.” And as for Emma’s instincts, “Because of everything she has been through — and especially having been through so much loss with Neal — for her own sanity, she has to assume that he is dead.”

Regina's Non-Love Life
You think you’re anxious to meet Regina’s romantic interest? How about poor Lana Parrilla, who when we saw her on the set Thursday had yet to start shooting that storyline. But with an eye on it, she said, “I’m like, ‘What?! I don’t think she’s kissed anyone in like 200 years.’ Well, [except for] the Huntsman. But there is something coming up. And I will say: Regina has not met him. But maybe the audience has.”