Once Upon A Time Spoiler Round-up: August's Return, New Back Story's & Surprises For Season 2

Once Upon A Time Spoiler Round-up: August's Return, New Back Story's & Surprises For Season 2

Now that Once Upon A Time has premiere and the residents are more than aware of there altered lives, fans are very anxious to have August back in Storybrooke. According to TV Line that may happen sooner rather than later.

“There are so many stories that are left open-ended, it’s just a matter of time before we revisit these characters,” Lana Parrilla (Regina Mills/The Evil Queen) spoiled. “Eion may be coming back as a wooden figure. And he may not!”



TV Line also has a spoilery list of treats about what's ahead as season 2 of Once Upon A Time continues. Kitsis and Horowitz tease a variety of new agendas, back story's, journeys and surprises for all our players in the real world and fairytale world.

TVLINE | Is anyone in Storybrooke itching to get back to fairytale land more than others?
The reactions kind of run the gamut. Everybody is very interested in what their new circumstance means, and they also are very concerned about what the presence of magic will mean for all of their lives.
KITSIS | The seven dwarfs are a perfect example. Leroy realizes he doesn’t just have to be the loser anymore; he had a purpose [as Grumpy], to be a part of the queen’s guard. He is one of the characters who is excited to reclaim who he once was and act on that.
HOROWITZ | We’ve also got some stuff with Ruby that we’re very excited to show the audience.
KITSIS | She’s another example of a character who now realizes what she once was, and how that will affect her in the way she behaves in Storybrooke will be a lot of fun. You will see a different Ruby this year.

TVLINE | What does Belle make of this situation she just stumbled into? She hasn’t really known Storybrooke.
This will probably be a strange land to her. She’s never seen a telephone before, she’s never seen a television…. And her inner nature is still one of goodness. Rumple has this large agenda and whatever it is, it required him bringing magic to this land. He has always been a character who has had to chose between love and power, and he’s always chosen power, so now that Belle, this wild card, comes into his life, into this meticulous plan, how will it affect it? And which path will he now choose because of it?

TVLINE | Characters such as Sebastian Stan’s Jefferson are set to return for an episode or more. Are they there just for a head count, or do they serve a larger purpose?
We’re trying to give everybody a pivotal role in the larger story. So Jefferson doesn’t just show up to say, “Hey, I’m still here.” He’s got a part in this story.
KITSIS | And he has his own story. He’s got a daughter out there. Look, people like Sebastian we would love to have in every episode, but that is not possible because of their schedule. But he is in three episodes in the first batch, and we’re excited for those because they’re not just a “head count.”

TVLINE | What is Emma’s journey now?
After experiencing the initial joy of finding her parents, Emma struggles as she learns how to be parented. She’s also going to have to come to grips with what it means to be the savior post-curse. She’ll have to reconcile what she thought she knew about the people in her life with who they’ve become, and then navigate a world turned on its head.
KITSIS | We’re also excited to finally get a good look at some of Emma’s backstory before she had Henry. We may even see the origins of her beloved yellow bug.

TVLINE | Which existing character would will surprise us most this season?
I would say Regina. Last year, all we ever showed her was making the wrong decision. Her father said, “Once you go down the revenge path you’ll never go back,” and she did it anyway, and she killed her father. She was told the curse will create a hole in her heart that can’t be filled, and she says voids can always be filled. And yet in the finale, she is faced with saving her son Henry or saving the curse, and she chose Henry and lost everything. So what happens now to Regina? Will this be a second chance? Will she redeem herself? Or will she revert to being the Evil Queen? And now, by the way, she doesn’t have to keep lying — I’m the Evil Queen, that’s right. And this is how it goes. The audience will be surprised by how she handles all this.