Once Upon A Time Season 3 Spoilers: Who Will Hook The Captain, Plus How “Wonderland” Fits

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May 31, 2013

Once Upon A Time left our heros on a journey to Neverland abord the Jolly Roger. Our gang of unlikely allies might find love in unexpected places as they go in search for Henry. Colin O’Donoghue shares some spoilery hints as to who Hook might be bunking with come season 3.

“It’s probably about time he sort of found another love in his life,” Colin O’Donoghue shared at season’s end. “But if it was a toss-up between [traveling companions] Regina or Emma, I’m not sure exactly who he’d go for.” Given that Emma is currently reeling from the loss of Neal, “Maybe he’ll have fun with Regina, while he’s waiting for Emma,” the pirate’s portrayer ventures. “Who knows!”

Bonus Scoop

Executive producer Edward Kitsis told reporters before the show was picked up to series: “Wonderland takes place post-curse, so the pilot actually starts when magic comes and the Wraith happens.” Note the Wraith, because that’s very important to where the spin-off actually picks up, with fans seeing a different character’s point of view that won’t make you angry. Also look for the spin-off to feature other lands in a mash-up style similar to Once that may make you question who a past character really was.

  • Naty

    No to regina and hook(No way)
    In season 3 -> Captain Swan!!!!

  • Mary

    I like the idea of Hook and Regina together. Emma belongs with Neal.

  • Grace

    I don’t like the idea of Hook and Regina because she doesn’t care about him at all (like leaving him to die at the hands of Maleficent). Regina needs a love interest that she can respect, but she clearly doesn’t respect Hook. They might “fool around” but it seems unlikely that love could develop between the two of them.

  • Lilly

    I bloody need Hooked Queen together!!!

  • Me

    Neal+Emma(Swan Thief)=Nah:(
    Hook+Regina(Hooker Queen)=NAAAAAhhh:((((((
    Hook+Emma(Captain Swan)= OH YEEEEEESSSSS:DDD

  • Me

    I Agree