Once Upon A Time Season 3 Spoilers: So, What About The ‘Home Office’?!

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July 25, 2013

The worlds of Once Upon A Time have been all a buzz with new impending characters, story plotting and mystery. One of the big questions Horowitz and Kitsis left unanswered in the season 2 finale was the vague “Home Office” references. Spoilers are now revealing that fans, as well as partners in kidnapping — Greg and Tamara, will definitely have a better understanding of the “Home Office” in the season 3 premiere of Once.

“As we stated in the finale, Greg and Tamara don’t know that they’re working for Peter Pan,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. “So the Home Office is related to Pan, but that’ll be cleared up pretty quickly.” Oh, and it may have appeared that Ariel was in Storybrooke in that Comic-Con teaser, but the producers say that she’ll actually be in Neverland.