Once Upon A Time Season 2 Episode 22 “And Straight On ‘Till Morning” Guide

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May 8, 2013

ABC has released the official description for the May 12th season finale of Once Upon A Time, “And Straight On ‘Till Morning”. The Storybrooke residents brace for the end when he annihilation of the town becomes imminent.

  • The inhabitants of Storybrooke brace themselves for the end when Greg and Tamara detonate the trigger Regina had placed within the curse, with the annihilation of the town and its residents imminent.
  • Mr. Gold mourns the loss of his son, Bae/Neal.
  • Meanwhile, back in Neverland of the past, Hook discovers his connection to a young Bae after he rescues him from the sea and soon realizes that the Lost Boys are in hot pursuit of the boy.