New 'Once Upon A Time' ~ "A Land Without Magic" Spoilers: Returning Characters, Epic Showdowns And Worlds Collide

New 'Once Upon A Time' ~ "A Land Without Magic" Spoilers: Returning Characters, Epic Showdowns And Worlds Collide

The freshman season finale of Once Upon A Time has finally arrived and there are so many questions that need to be answered! The ever vague Hororwitz and Kitsis have a semi-spoilery preview into tonight's season finale, "A Land Without Magic", including the return of Belle~Emilie de Ravin, Maleficent~Kristin Bauer van Straten, the Huntsman~Jamie Dornan and the Mad Hatter~Sebastian Stan. Kitsis boasted about the Huntsman's epic return and teased that these MIA characters could pop up anywhere, because 'it is the finale, after all'.

How we reveal the Huntsman is one of our favorite things ever, so we don't want to spoil it because it's oddly one of the things we've been able to keep secret. We're excited to see Jaime come back, and he's fantastic.

Belle and Mr. Gold/Rumple

How will Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) feel if he finds out that Regina has been keeping Belle trapped in a mental ward?
Kitsis: I can't image that if Mr. Gold was told that not only was Belle not dead, but that he was lied to and she's been imprisoned for all this time, I would start running.

Can we look forward to a confrontation in that regard?
Kitsis: In the finale, we endeavor to satisfy some of the things we've set up this year. As a fan, I would be completely annoyed if we saw at the end of Episode 12 that she was locked in an insane asylum and we don't return to that. I would throw something at the screen.

A Collision of Worlds and A Possible Death

The veil between the two worlds actually seems to be getting thinner. Could we ever see them collide? Or see another vortex?
Kitsis: I think the two worlds tend to collide every week. Will they actually merge into one thing? I don't know.
Horowitz: We saw Jefferson reach across time and space, but a vortex, that's a lot harder.
Kitsis: I will say this: It's going down in the finale, and how it goes down, you will have to tune in and watch.

There's been a lot of speculation online that there will be a death in the finale. What can you tease?
Horowitz: I would say to the audience to take everything that you're reading in the press and about what's going to happen in the finale — and while we appreciate all the speculation — and set that aside. One of our themes this season has been magic has a price and that that price is going to be paid in the finale.