Lana Parrilla Promises A Remorseful Mayor, While Spoiling Rumple’s Intricate Backstory

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January 7, 2012

Now that we’ve spoiled the first eight minutes of this Sunday’s Mid-season premiere of Once Upon A Time, “Desperate Souls”, I’m happy to share this fabulous interview from Zap2it with Lana Parrilla~Evil Queen/Mayor. Parrilla promises a visual of remorse from Regina, plus she teases Rumpelstiltskin’s intricate storyline.

“I think that she’s quite heartbroken over it, no pun intended,” reveals Parrilla. “I really do. I think there was a genuine love and care for him and making that choice to crush his heart and to kill him was not an easy one for her. There is a scene that takes place between Regina and Emma where you do see her love and care for him and that it was hard for her,” elaborates Parrilla. “But at this point, no one knows that she had anything to do with that.”

Lana touched on the love-hate relationship between the Evil Queen and Rumple; ally or enemy?

“That”I think we’re both. There’s still more to be told, when it comes to that relationship. I think it’s still being developed. But there is a kinship between these two. It’s a love-hate. There’s a camaraderie and then they’re rivals. I always question who’s more powerful,” Parrilla continues. “I think they kind of take turns. They one-up one another, I think it’s just fun for them. At least that’s how Robert and I play it. We have a blast.”

Is Mr. Gold’s son in Storybrooke?

“No, he isn’t. Or is he?” Lana laughs. “I don’t know. It’s a big secret to be revealed. We’re going to see a very different side to Rumpelstiltskin. How did Rumpel become Rumpel? … Then in Storybrooke, Regina and Mr. Gold are rivals, they’re up against one another yet again.”