Fresh Spoilers: The Mysterious Strangers’ Agenda, Plus David & Mary Margaret Take It To The Next Level

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January 25, 2012

TV Line has a couple of spoilery scooplets for our new favorite fairytale drama, Once Upon A Time. The ‘Mysterious Stranger’ that has appeared in Storybrooke could be a Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, or someone else completely, but he definitely has a specific agenda involving Emma, Henry and Henry’s book.

In the next few episodes, the Mysterious Stranger With the Typewriter’s agenda “becomes clearer,” teases co-creator Adam Horowitz, “as we realize he has designs on Emma — both romantically and for another reason related to the curse and more specifically to Henry’s story book.”

The passionate kiss that Mary Margaret and David finally gave into during last Sunday’s episode will quickly flourish, but may have dire consequences.

They won’t waste any time taking that kiss they shared in Sunday’s episode to the next level. Horowitz confirms that they’ll soon “begin an affair that they know is wrong but is also, somehow, right,” adding that, “Regina quickly makes sure that the cost of this true love trying to work itself out is dire.”