Fresh ‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Mr. Gold Defends Mary Margaret!?

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February 23, 2012

EOnline has some fresh Once Upon A Time scoop to share to hold fans over during their two week break. After Kathryn’s disappearance things will not be all sunshine and rainbows for David and Mary Margaret.

Prepare for major fallout after Kathryn’s~Anastasia Griffith disappearance, like our dear Mary Margaret~Ginnifer Goodwin being arrested by her own daughter Emma~Jennifer Morrison kind of major. And wait, it gets even better! Guess who’s going to be representing Mary Margaret in court? Mr. Gold~Robert Carlyle!

  • MaryMargret

    MaryMargret is innocent! What could Regina do to get Emma to arrest an innocent woman, let alone, that woman being MaryMargret! Plus, doesn’t she have an alibi (Emma , when they are talking in the end of What Happened to Frederick)? Does she think MaryMargret hired a hit man? Isn’t she selling candies though (and not in jail)? Which leads me to ask, is this spoiler for Dreamy (1-14)?

    In addition, why would he have Katherine kidnapped? She is a reasonable person, and she understands that Katherine had the right to be angry, so why would she kidnap her/have her kidnapped? Also, doesn’t the spoiler for episode 1-15 say, Emma investigates the disappearance and possible murder of Katherine? Does this not mean that MaryMargret was proven innocent? 

    Emma should bail MaryMargret out (returning the favour from early on in the season). Everyone (in Storybrooke) is starting to hate MaryMargret, and this jail thing is not helping her. I love the show, but MaryMargret is my favourite character (since Graham’s death) and if she’s in jail, she will be in the show less.

    Why would an ex-fellon (Mr. Gold), be a defence attorney? And, why would Leroy, ask a person who is in jail, to help sell candies for nuns? Maybe this is why he can’t keep his promise (because the person who is helping him is in jail)? I am going to yell at my friends about how unjust arresting MaryMargret is! At least, arrest David! He is so much more guilty than MaryMargret. I think Sydney (Glass) had something to do with this. 

    Once is still my favourite show, and I will watch the episode, because I must be optimistic and hope that she will be released from jail, and proven innocent!

  • MaryMargret

    I am still angry, all though I have been taking my anger out on… You don’t want to know. Anyway, I blame Regina for all of the crap coming MaryMargret, David, Emma, and Katherine’s ways. I feel sorry for Emma that she has to arrest her mother. 
    On that note I have something I would like to tell the world…

    By technicality, Henry is Regina’s step-great-grandson. Also, Emma is Regina’s step-grandaughter. This is all because by technicality, MaryMargret is Regina’s step-daughter. Did anyone else notice how they’re playing off of the cinnamon in the hot chocolate being a genetic trait. Henry likes it, Emma likes it, and MaryMargret likes it.

    Also, thank you to the two other people who liked my previous comment so far (I liked it once*). 

    *This is not referring to the TV show