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Once Upon A Time

Season 6 Episode 7



Season 6 Episode 5

Street Rats

Aladdin’s fate is revealed as he and princess Jasmine try to save their home from Jafar....

Season 6 Episode 4

Strange Case

The Evil Queen and Hyde continue on their quest to steal Dr. Jekyll’s serum even as Snow looks forward to her first day back in the classroom...

Season 6 Episode 3

The Other Shoe

As Storybrooke continues to welcome the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories, families, friends and even long-lost enemies are reunited once again...

Season 6 Episode 2

A Bitter Draught

When a mysterious man from the Land of Untold Stories, who has a past with the Evil Queen, arrives in Storybrooke, David and Snow work together with Regina to neutralize the threat...

Season 6 Episode 1

The Savior

In the season premiere episode, “The Savior,” as our heroes set out to stop Hyde, Emma develops a mysterious side effect, and Storybrooke becomes a haven for refugees from the Land of Untold Stories...