‘Once Upon A Time’ Episode 22 Season Finale “A Land Without Magic” Photos

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May 9, 2012

ABC has released a set of promotional images for this Sunday’s season finale of Once Upon A Time, “A Land Without Magic”. The stills feature the end result of another one of Regina’s plans to get rid of Emma. However this time it’s backfired in a game changing way, leaving both Regina and Emma reeling!

  • MaryMargret

    Now would be the time to ask Emma, “What would Henry do?” The answer is simply, try true love’s kiss. So, assuming that this curse works the same way that it did in the fairytale land that was, Emma’s kiss should work just fine. Also, if Henry dies, Emma leaves, so he won’t/can’t die (I hope). 

    Sadly this means that the death in the season finale will most likely be August. This makes me somewhat sad because they keep killing off Emma’s love interests. All though, I’m prepared for this death so it probably won’t be as heart-breaking for me as Graham’s death was.

    Also, I can’t be the only one wondering why Mother Superior (Blue Fairy in FTL) is in the hospital with Regina and Doctor Whale. By the way, I’m super excited to finally find out who Doctor Whale really is (I originally though, Big Bad Wolf, but obviously I was wrong).

    Going into depression when Once finishes,

  • faerie

    isn’t this episode 22…?

  • Scantk

    season 2 please!