‘Once Upon a Time’ Episode 20 “The Stranger” Sneak Peek 1

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April 25, 2012

ABC has released the first sneak peek for Once Upon a Time, episode 20 “The Stranger” . I think we can guess what Regina is up to, but do you think she will succeed?

  • MaryMargret

    I hate Regina! I mean David could’ve picked anyone else in the entire world and I would’ve been only slightly p’od at him. But HER! This is outrageous. I mean we should be together, but… Never mind. Is anyone else wondering where Henry is? Maybe Emma got custody of him, or maybe it’s Thursday (meaning he has his therapy session with Archie).

    I’m going to give Emma a reason to arrest me for murder,


  • Amoredois

    I think I’ll puke … Regina will kiss David? I’m going to vomit.

    Someone said that they will have sex. I hope not, because it would become my favoriteTV-SHOW jn a cheap soap opera,And I do not believe it. But after all seems to be true. I will not see this episode, this scene is sick. It is ruining all my fairy tales of my childhood. 
    It will be hard I continue to see ONCE UPON A TIME. The TRUE LOVE  that writers and producers  haveproclaimed no longer makes sense. is the end for me :(

  • Swan Queen <3

    I love Regina. Always an idea in her head… I know that she don’t do this just for fun, she think of something, like hurting Snow or something like that. I love her character ’cause she is different. It’s fun…

  • Klaroline

    Eeeuuw ! What the hell ?! If David kisses her back I’m going to freak out, not to mention sick :/

  • Emma Swan

    I totally agree MaryMargaret!!!! I just hope Henry is alright!!!!

  • MaryMargret

    Well, I’m glad that nothing actually ended up happening between them. What a relief!