‘Once Upon A Time’ Episode 17 “Hat Trick” Spoilers

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February 25, 2012

ABC has released a brief synopsis for the March 25th episode of Once Upon A Time, “Hat Trick”. This wonderland themed episode will guest star Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter.

  • During her search for Mary Margaret, Emma is kidnapped by a mad man with an affinity for hats.
  • The evil queen hires a man of magic.
  • MaryMargret

    Now, I’m starting to think it was the Mad Hatter doing the kidnapping, but Regina told him to do it. To all IMDb users, they do not list Sebastian Stan in the cast of this episode. I really don’t have much to rant about this time. Hopefully the spoiler videos for Dreamy will be released tonight. I am interested to see how many people want to buy candies from MaryMargret and Leroy. Should be interesting to find out more about Miner’s Day. As it turns out it’s a legitimate holiday. Go figure. 

    Anywho smell you later,

    Mary Margret

    P.S. Looking for a very MaryMargret way to say goodbye.
    P.P.S. Obviously, I haven’t found it.