‘Once Upon A Time’ Episode 16 “Heart Of Darkness” Guide

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February 28, 2012

ABC has released the official synopsis for the March 18th episode of Once Upon A Time, “Heart of Darkness”. After Mary Margaret is un-justfully arrested for Kathryn’s ‘mysterious’ disappearance, she has to seek Mr’ Gold’s help.

  • Mary Margaret hires Mr. Gold as her attorney when Emma is forced to arrest her for the suspected murder of David’s wife, Kathryn.
  • Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Prince Charming sets out to stop a determined and unhinged Snow White, whose memory is still clouded by Rumplestiltskin’s potion, from assassinating the Evil Queen.
  • MaryMargret

    OGLN (that stands for Oh Good Lord No!)! I am dying to see this episode. I have watched What Happened To Frederick at least 10 times in anticipation of sunday’s episode (Dreamy). I am dying to know that MaryMargret will be proven innocent.

    Also, I have a slight hunch (that I’m starting to give up on) that MaryMargret confessed to save David. All though, I am finding this more and more unlikely. I also want to know, who the Big Bad Wolf is I still think it’s Dr. Whale (David Anders). I guess I’ll have to wait until Red-Handed to find out.  If they don’t tell me then, I’m going to pass out.

    I am still pretty angry that MaryMargret’s getting arrested, but I’m angry at Regina, no one else, just Regina. I’m not even angry at Kitsis/Horowitz and Lana Parilla (all though they do make up Regina). I love ranting on spoilers guide. 

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  • MaryMargret

    Side note, I love the episode name.

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