‘Once Upon a Time’ Episode 14 “Dreamy” Sneak Peek #3

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March 1, 2012

Enjoy this third sneak peek for this Sunday’s all new episode of Once Upon a Time, “Dreamy”. Sound off below with your thoughts, speculation and theories!!

  • MaryMargret

    David is innocent, and Sydney is evil. Oh, sorry, this is for clip four. I want a clip with MaryMargret and David.


  • MaryMargret

    Oh no! This just clicked in my brain. If you watch the promo, you see Leroy taking a pix axe to that pole type thing that powers the lights in town (sorry, I cannot remember the name of it). He’s making a power outage so that people buy the candles! That is not nice! Someone needs to stop him, he’s going all Mr. Gold. I don’t want Leroy to get arrested (again).I am posting this everywhere! Sorry, if you have already seen it. The original is posted on the spoilers 4 and 5 page for Dreamy.From,MaryMargret