Edward Kitsis Spoils About The Key To Breaking The Storybrooke Curse

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March 2, 2012

TV Line recently racked Once Upon A Time series’ creator Edward Kitsis about why David and Mary Margaret’s much anticipated kiss wasn’t as grand of a moment as fans thought it should be. Kitsis spoiled this vague, but intriguing tidbit about things to come in Storybrooke.

“It wasn’t an ‘a-ha’ moment for them because the curse hasn’t been broken yet — and clearly they’re not the keys to breaking it. They were just the keys to making the savior.” So, maybe that savior – aka Emma – is the one who needs to share “true love’s first kiss” to start unraveling the queen’s curse…? “That is an interesting question,” Kitsis allowed. “Unfortunately, Kathryn’s disappearance is going to take up a lot of Emma’s time.”