Once Upon A Time Casting Spoilers: On The Search For New Character Gerhardt And Ethan Embry Cast

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November 9, 2012

ABC’s Once Upon A Time has cast two new male characters for season 2. TV Line is reporting that one recent addition, Ethan Embry, will likely be playing a character named Bennett. Bennett, mid 30′s, is described as all the right things; ‘sweet, charming, intelligent and funny’, with a guy next door type’ of feel.

We shouldn’t be fooled by his nice-guy exterior. On the inside, “he possesses a darkness, as well as a willingness to fight to the bitter end for his beliefs … to prove that his way of life is in the right.”

In other casting news, Once is on the look for a handsome actor to play a young military man named Gerhardt. Gerhardt is described as a family man, ‘good natured’ and filled with ‘idealism’; the kind of guy any parent would be proud of. On a side note, Gerhardt literally means ‘strength of the spear’.