Once Upon A Time Casting Spoilers: New Role For Episode 21

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March 5, 2013

Once Upon A Time Producers are casting the role of Heidi. She is 13 and British and said to be naive about how dangerous the world can be. Heidi will first appear in episode 21.

She is also described as being compassionate and mischievous.

Source: SpoilerTV

  • Oncer

    Could this be Wendy?

  • Krissy

    If they cast wendy they NEED to have peter pan. PLEASE. I recommend Nathaniel Buzolic from the vampire diaries. Pleaseeeeeee

  • Judy

    Unless it’s a flashback, Wendy didn’t stay that long in Neverland, so I’m changing my guess to Tinkerbell….mainly on the mischievous attribute….