Once Upon A Time Casting Spoilers: Lost Alum To Showcase Young Prince Leopold

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February 8, 2014

Once Upon A Time has been on a ridiculously long hiatus since their Winter Finale, leaving fans jaws on the floor. When the second half of Once gets underway, we will get to see what Snow’s father, King Leopold was like as a young prince. Horowitz and Kitsis have tapped another Lost alum, Eric Lange, to play the key role of young Prince Leopold. Lange will debut via a flashback in episode 18, “Bleeding Through”.

Upon first meeting Prince Leopold, fans will learn that this bachelor is eager and hopeful about finding a woman whom he can love and trust to help rule his soon-to-be-inherited kingdom. And rather than settling for an arranged marriage, Leo wants up uphold his family’s nobility and find a bride that he can truly connect with. Unlike many other Kings, Prince Leopold is both grounded and humble—which explains a lot when you look at the amazingly kind daughter he eventually raised.

Source: EOnline