Barbara Hershey Spoils This Sunday’s ‘Once Upon A Time’

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March 31, 2012

This Sunday’s Once Upon A Time, “Stable Boy”, will introduce Regina’s mother, Cora. Barbara Hershey revealed just how evil Cora is with some spoielry teases.

“I think they’ll feel sympathetic toward Regina,” Hershey says. “Lana had the chance, which was great, of playing the Evil Queen before she was a queen and before she was evil. You could see the innocence before it all happened. You get to find out why she hates Snow White so much and why she became evil.” Hershey went on to spoil, “She is evil, she is consumed by evil and can wield magic brilliantly, so the stakes are much higher,” Hershey says. “She wants her daughter to make the right choices. She has ambition for her and doesn’t want her to marry the stable boy. She wants her to marry the King.”

Source: TV Guide