Once Upon A Time 2013 Spoilers: Fresh Spoilers For The First Four Episodes!

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December 21, 2012

Even though Once Upon A Time is on hiatus, it won’t be long before it’s January 6th return is upon us and the ABC hit will continue it’s run with “The Cricket Game”. The official guide revealed that Regina would be the prime suspect when a ‘beloved fairytale’ character goes missing. TV Line has speculated, with good reason, that this episode will revolve around Archie Hopper, or more precisely, his alter-ego Jiminy Criket. In addition, the spoiler fairies have also delivered a few more teases for the next 3 episodes following ‘The Cricket Game”.

Episode 11, “The Outsider,” likely marks the Storybrooke arrival of either Ethan Embry’s mystery man, or Neal Cassidy aka Emma’s old flame/babydaddy.

Episode 12, “In the Name of the Brother,” This episode involves David Anders’ Dr. Victor Frankenstein, his brother Gerhardt~Chad Collins and his father, Alphonse~24‘s Gregory Itzin.

Episode 13 ~ “Tiny” This episode will feature the return of Lost alum Jorge Garcia and unspool “a story/backstory that touches many core characters in a surprising way.”

Tell me what you think fellow fans, discuss and speculate ;)!!!