Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Rose Reynolds teases Rumple-centric hour 'Beauty'

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Rose Reynolds teases Rumple-centric hour 'Beauty'

Once Upon A Time's Rose Reynolds aka Alice has teased what to expect from this week's Rumple-centric hour titled "Beauty."


In episode 705, meanwhile, expect to see the princesses unite to fight Lady Tremaine in flashbacks. On casting, producers have found the actress to play Drizella's sister, Anastasia. 

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Reynolds on Alice's role on "Beauty":

Alice has close relationships with Gold and Hook. 

She’s being asked a lot of. Let’s just say she’s tested quite a lot in episode 4 with friendships and good versus evil, which is that whole pendulum swing of it. ‘Is it bad to do this? You told me to do this,’ and all of that stuff. There’s a lot of inner conflict for Alice in episode 4. It’s an insane episode and it’s one of the best-written things I’ve read in a long time, so I’m really excited for everybody to see it.

Added co-creator Adam Horowitz:

We don’t want to give away what’s happening in the plot, but you’ll get a deep dive into the Rumbelle life and what they’re doing with their child.


Dania Ramirez on the princesses' team-up in 705 titled "Greenbacks:"

 There is a whole purpose to this resistance that’s really being led prior to Tiana even recruiting Cinderella.

Cinderella ends up obviously meeting Tiana and really fighting for the people. And that’s the thing that’s actually the biggest similarity of Jacinda and Cinderella in both worlds, is that she’s really taking this role of a role model and really the people’s person. She’s really the voice of the underdog.


On casting, we learned that Yael Yurman has been tapped to play the role of Anastasia this season. The actress took to Twitter to confirm the news. 


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Watch the promo for Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 4 "Beauty":




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