No Ordinary Family Spoilers - The Powers are Temporary?

Check out the latest No Ordinary Family spoilers from E! and TV Guide about episode 8 "No Ordinary Accident" and more!

  • There's definitely something cool and unexpected in the works for Rebecca Mader's character.
  • We will learn that the powers are temporary and there is something specific that can take them away. [TVGuide]
  • (Other than the show being canceled—and I'm told there's no danger of that.) And Katie (Autumn Reeser) is gonna be up for a promotion very soon—one that is suspicious.
  • In the November 23 episode "No Ordinary Accident" of ABC's No Ordinary Family, Jim (Michael Chiklis) suddenly loses his powers and can't figure out why. He's had a taste of feeling special and making a difference and thinks he can continue fighting crime without his abilities — that puts him in big jeopardy.
  • Daphne comes close to learning what King is really up to, but he and his team have a way of diffusing the threat. We'll deepen King's relationship with the Watcher and bring a new supervillain into their orbit — someone Jim and Stephanie will end up battling. [E!]