Will There Be A ‘No Ordinary Family’ Season 2?

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March 28, 2011

In the wake of Fringe’s 22 episode season 4 renewal, there are unsurprisingly some questions about what that means for other shows. We decided to start with ‘No Ordinary Family’ as season finale is getting  close (the last episode airs on April 5th)

So, will there be a No Ordinary Family season 2?

Most probably not. This Saturday’s episode drew a series low 1.0 adults 18-49 rating (previous series low for a Tuesday episode was a 1.2 rating). That’s 3.620 million viewers and not good at all.

Matt from TVGuide.com commented:

This show is very much on the bubble, I’m afraid. We won’t know if it’s coming back until the fall schedule is set in May, but airing opposite juggernauts like NCIS and Glee has proved every bit as difficult as you’d imagine. I drifted away early on, finding the tone a little too ABC Family for my liking, more precious than provocative. But I get your point that it’s a more coherent, cohesive and satisfying experience than Heroes turned out to be. On the urging of others, I checked out this Tuesday’s episode in advance, and it fulfills the show’s promise about as well as you could hope. Lots more action and suspense (much of it involving a very devious shape-shifter), and it’s about time. If the numbers don’t budge this week, I’d be concerned. So enjoy it while you can.

Has the show lived up to the expectations? In my opinion when you’re watching it, it’s actually great but it seems not enough to keep the people coming back that usually watch TV shows this genre.

What about you? Is it worth to fight for the second season renewal or asking ABC to not cancel ” No Ordinary Family” is a waste of time? They have had canceled even better shows.

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  • Joe

    this is the best show ever i really hope there is going to be more

  • Kingkong_djz

    I hope that they renew No Ordinary Family for one second season…I liked that series

  • han6353

     how can you not like ncis if you havent watchet it, ncis has been on tv for many more years than this show

  • han6353

     how can you not like ncis if you havent watchet it, ncis has been on tv for many more years than this show

  • hfran

     it got canceled over a year ago

  • hfran

     it got canceled over a year ago

  • Natasha Coe

    please bring it back it was so good and they left it on a cliff hanger they have to do another season!

  • Yara_zaatari

    It’s the best TV show i’ve ever watched and it’s totaly worth it to ask ABC for a renewal!!! It has lived up to my expectation and way more !! so Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t cancel it!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzz !!!!

  • Shay_guevara

    PLEASE ABC Bring back this show – I’m watching repeats on the (UK) channel Watch and I’ve been reminded that it is such a well acted, entertaining show with so many possibilities (Katie pregnant with a super, etc), it is practically a travesty to let such a set of great storylines just turn into nothing? So I’ll join the rest – please consider bringing back this programme.

  • Dadof10

    I watch this show on netflix.  Are family loves it and we are hooked.  we are very disappointed that the show was canned.  I want to know what george’s Super Power is, I just know it is going to be invisability

  • Karen

    We just got hooked on this show!  Found it on Roku and now I find out they may not renew it?  Darn.  

  • Beckersj

    (You are not helping)

  • Beckersj

    I totally agree with gabsnow. Me and my mom watched no ordinary family on girls night in… WE LOVED IT!!!!! After we saw the first episode, we were hooked! It was nice to have clean family entertainment! (except for the cursing)
    WHAT DO YOU MEAN 3.620 MILLION VEIWERS ISNT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a lot of veiwers who want to know what happens next to the Powells, George, Joshua, Katie, the 80 passengers! And what about Katie’s Baby, what kind of powers did he/she get? Please. Bring No Ordinary Family back on Telivision. (If I were like Daphne, I would come and tell you to put the show
    back on tv.) I would love to see how the Powells help the government with their powers. And what about Chris? Did him and Daphne ever get together? Again? I would hope so!!! He was so nice to her. So, please, bring N Ordinary Family all over america. respectfully submitted, S.J.B

  • Beckersj

    btw, (it’s not nice to curse)

  • Beckersj

    We watched it on Netfix… btw…

  • Beckersj

    i agree…
    you are so totally LAME if you absolutely, forever end a show like that!

  • Beckerjs

    MEEE TOOOO!!! me and my mom stayed up WAYYYYYY to late ( even on school nights) to watch this. and my big sister had watched it on TV and we told her we liked it. And she told us to like it untill the Season ended, cause the show was over. cancelled.

    Bummer man. Bummer.

  • Beckersj

    (Again, you are NOT helping)
    (Maybe they have watched it, and who care which has been on longer!)
    (we obviously like this one! and we want it BACK!)

    Thanks you

  • Lamar92

    I think the problem with No Ordinary Family is that it didn’t get advertised enough.  I stumbled upon this great series on Netflix and had never heard of it previously.  It would suck if there wasn’t a season 2 because they set it up that way. 

  • Aigene

    i nvr said i didnt watch it, i watched it once and after i changed the channel after a few mins and thats how much boring it is

  • Aigene

    i know ryt, but many others and i just dont want season2 ,we want more seasons cz 2 seasons are not enough

  • Eaglewings97

    Same here me and my momma love NOF we just started watching it on netflix because we never heard of it until we got netflix, I even asked most of my family if they heard of it and they said no, that’s the reason it got cancelled not everyone watches abc, and not enough people found out about it until it was to late, I want it back, I thought there was a season two so I googled it and it said NOF was cancelled, me and my mom were very disappointed, please bring it back


    argh! i’m an ASIAN ok?! i’m watching NO ORDINARY FAMILY and u think 3.6 million people who are watching this.. DARN! no.. the WORLD is watching it! and i feel bad about cancelling it… EVERYONE IS EXCITED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN NEXT!? .. IT CANT BE LIKE “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” ..WHAT ABOUT KATE and JOSHUA’s BABY, GEORGE’s New POWER, POWELL’s FAMILY ADVENTURES and the PRISONERS …and oh my favorite.. JJ AND DAPHNE LOVE STORY?!

  • Mike14225

    I’m seriously angry this show has come to an end. It’s an amazing show and I’m really looking forward to seeing a season 2, so make it happen. You would bring a smile upon a lot of faces across the nation.

  • Clara

    Oh please continue the show it’s just so good! I just HAVE to see what’s coming next! I love it and I know i’m not the only one. There’s a so good suspense in every episode that makes me want to see desperately the coming episodes… Please, continue it! For us, for your 3.620 million fans !


    I have 30 years and I love it :))))

  • pink lady

    i really loved watching no ordinary family  with the family. i really got into it i wanna know what happens next. please make a season 2

  • Onlyonesam

    plz bring bk another series im not well at al and thts wot gets me thru the week knowing im.gunna watch it on sunday night plz bring it bk xx

  • Stacyh01t

    we ave just finished watchng this show in the uk i / we loved it!! they cant just leave it like that they have got to do a season 2 PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  • siljc

    i wanna know wat power george gets

  • siljc

    i wanna know wat power george gets

  • Leeralonda

    I really liked the show :)

  • Leeralonda

    I really liked the show :)

  • Buck

    Nope 3.620 milion out of 6 bilion isnt enaugh i mean Fox TV cancaled Terra Nova and it had 7000 milion….i mean i dont whant the show to get canceled NO WAY i love it but 3000 milion isnt enaugh :(! !!!

  • lisa

    No my husband and i were hooked from episode 1 we started watching it on netflix and finished the entire season in a week we are looking forward to season two and give it 5/5 best tv series since kyle xy so dont be stupid and cancel another great show

  • Mother of 2

    we don’t get regular tv. So my family just got to watch no ordinary family on netflix, you can’t leave us hanging like this. PLEASE GIVE US A SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just have to know what happens.

  • RSM

    well, thing is that on fox life they play it on sundays… :( and, you know, america is NOT center of this world, there are other countries, you know, if in america plays the show at tuesdays, here they play it on sundays… so USA in NOT center of world, i repeat, and stop acting like it is !!!

  • sdog

    where did you watch it online ?? pls tell me

  • bamitzme

    I THINK WE SHOULD BOMB THE NBC AND SEND THEM A VIDEO MESSAGE, LIKE BIN LADEN DID !!! or just help the poor kids in africa…

  • Byron G

    Why is it that when i finally find a show that i like …..maybe even love it gets scrap’d!!!!! wake up tv network guys…….. what more proof do you need to put on another season……… read all the comments youll see that we all obviously want to see more…….its only a matter of time before it spreads…….obviously the the people in charge dont belive its not a pocket filling endevour……….. they couldnt be more Wrong!!!!! it borders almost on the immorale not to finish off the story not to mention unfair to those of us who are obviously both hooked and hoping for more!!!!! if they cant see why it should go on then there idiots…… and they’ve ruined what could be somthing Great!!!!! Im Byron G, and i love this show “No Ordinary Family”, please bring it back….. if you have any sense ….Bring it back!!!!

  • Nick .d

    Give it another try it very good and addictive DO NOT STOP No Ordinary Family it the best Show ever

  • beemer73

    Please bring the show back. The chemistry between the characters is fantastic. The show isbased around a good family and is so clean. Kids are not portrayed as disrespectful and parents work well together. Great for family nights. I have 2 boys growng up w horrible tv, rude cartoons and who knows what else. This was a great superherofamily show

  • McDermott_t69

    This is an awesome show and I think it would be a shame to cancel it. I knew it was gona be a worthwhile watch in the first 10 mins, dying to see season two. They have just opened the doors to make it a hell of a lot more difficult for the Powells to beat the bad guys and has a lot of possibilities as to where they can take the show yet. It sickens me that when a proper feel good show comes along and gets to a cliff hanger like that they try to take it off air couldn’t believe it when they did it with heroes just after they were outed to the world and fringe only has one season left. There isn’t enough shows of theses types I feel!!!!!!!!

  • Delvis

    I loved this show and just to be cancelled like that how are you just going to stop a show with so many questions not answered for example what power does george have , what are the powells going to do with the 80 crimals ,what powers does the baby of Katie’s have plzzz but another season who cares if it didnt get enough rating what are the people who love show like this suppose to watch u are on
    Y hope please put this show back on or I will kill my self

  • INez

    Why cancel it i love love love it!!!!!

  • INez

    Why cancel it i love love love it!!!!!

  • shea

    i really wish theyd produce another season. wonderful show

  • T

    Maybe you should think about putting it opposite something else then! sheesh! It’s an awesome family show that would be off the charts!

  • moony

    seriously pissed of im from the uk and stumbled across this show as its never aired here! And 2 find out its over when im up2 ep9 is soul distroying!!!
    This seems typical of us networks with money to burn producing show after show and giving up so easy because of ratings… i mean wasnt Friends almost axed after season 1 and 2!!!!
    SERIOUSLY U.S networks get a grip!

  • Chillo

    yeah! please put this show back.. I’m from Philippines and i found this show very entertaining.. Delvis is right, so many questions not answered yet! Me and my parents doesn’t want to end the show that way.. Many people love the show so much.. So clean unlike the other show.. Please continue this Best Story..

  • Chillo

    yeah! please put this show back.. I’m from Philippines and i found this show very entertaining.. Delvis is right, so many questions not answered yet! Me and my parents doesn’t want to end the show that way.. Many people love the show so much.. So clean unlike the other show.. Please continue this Best Story..

  • cj

    yes of course one more season

  • Compa

    Where is the network that will pick up a wholesome show? Why is there no market for good, clean entertainment? It’s a shame the networks haven’t figured out that the old model of ratings doesn’t work in the modern age of communication. I hope they figure it out soon. I’m tired of all the shows I like getting canceled. NOF was a good wholesome show.

  • Compa

    Where is the network that will pick up a wholesome show? Why is there no market for good, clean entertainment? It’s a shame the networks haven’t figured out that the old model of ratings doesn’t work in the modern age of communication. I hope they figure it out soon. I’m tired of all the shows I like getting canceled. NOF was a good wholesome show.

  • alberto

    great show! I just finished watching it in less than 2 days this weekend when I found it in Netflix!! I think the only problem with rating is that there is not enough publicity about it. I had to find it my self randomly in a bored they

  • alberto

    in a very boring day!***

  • BountyHunter

    WTF!!! there is a lot of shows that did not have a lot of people watching the first season cus there was no second one. I asked my buddy if this is a good serie he said: “yes but it end wirdly and there is only one season so its a bad serie” the ones making the serie made it a serie many dont want too watch by not making a second season. If u want more people too watch the serie then u have too make a second serie.

  • Devashish

    it’s disappointing. They keep closing good shows.
    Supernatural , Heroes, The cape, and now this. and many more. I don’t know what’s wrong with them.

  • Janet

    ” This Saturday’s episode drew a series low 1.0 adults 18-49 rating” You moved it to a Saturday, what did you expect? This was a good family show so of course you would cancel it. We are sick to death of all the reality shows. This was fresh and original and if you took a little more thought in putting it in the right time slot, it could have made it quite well. People are loyal to long term shows, they won’t give them up for something new even if they think they might like it. Try putting this show opposite a stupid reality show and then you’ll see viewers. It’s about time you consider a new rating system.

  • Scott and Fam

    This was an awesome show!! I think one of the problems was it was soooo poorly marketed. My family and I only just found out it existed by chance on Netflix and watched it in three plus days! And as someone else said there are nights with nothing on – why not rule one of those nights with a show like this?? The Execs lack of respect for the audience – to at least bring closure on shows like this – really makes me wonder why I even bother to watch.

    All in all, another disappointing choice made by those that advertise the crap out of crap.

  • tialex

    seriously to get poeples attention you should get bigger villains another smart guy who uses his power for evil then he starts taking family members to try and stop them all at once. when he found out that that his subordinates had found the secret for permanent powers, he decides to give them a promotion for finding it (the only way possible the get promoted). he eventualy finds out that JJ actually found it and decide to kill every one of them ,saving the powells for last. heart-headed as they are they actually try to help a couple a them as they are ,one by one, taking down, and in the mean time they discover that each one of them can “upgrade” there powers ! and for the plot they should kidnap jim and george leaving JJ, daphne, steph katie to solve this probleme. enabled from super strengh and super (suggestion) from goerge they face super villains who had time to train there super powers

  • channelleeee12

    omgg i still cant bleieve this show was canceled pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee bring it back

  • noordinaryfamily123

    so what if hes not bringing it back by saying how he feels shutup @7eff80f68a2cddbad2ad71cea73b542f:disqus he sjust saying how he feels about the show he liked getting canceled

  • gleeeefan

    if its retarded then why would u watch it oh and to see if its actually retarded u would have to watch the frist season and the first seasons great

  • MirandaMae

    I could not have said this better myself!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeniah.mcelroy Jeniah McElroy

    I agree withu

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeniah.mcelroy Jeniah McElroy

    The only episodes i have watched is to episode 20 and have loved them but i herd that there was tei more and i cant find thrm any where. And i was ondering if anyone knew what geroge’s power was or if he dident fet any i am dieing to now

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeniah.mcelroy Jeniah McElroy

    So what, somepeople dont like it but there r soooo many people who do like it and we want it back on

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeniah.mcelroy Jeniah McElroy

    I now right i watched mine on nexflix and my family was so mad

  • iwantseason2

    fuck the people who canceled it

  • nachocheese89

    come back!!!!!!!!! please!!!! this show is amazing

  • Thrazues

    seems to me there is alot of ppl wanting this show to go on. I think the season finale was awsome and MUST be continued, I dont know about the others but im getting tired of great shows being taken off because they chose to run in in a difficult time slot. you have 1104 comments on this site alone. i sat and watched all 20 episodes with my kids and they are sure it will continue plz dont disapoint them kids are our future after all…….

  • bright brown

    this movie has taking all my time and i can believe it. wish i ve a role to play myself. wow very interesting

  • Dean adams

    Its one of the best serious I have seen in a very long time it has depth and wanting you to come back and watch more. It reminds me of prison break it might be even better than that as it appeals to alot more of an audience. So please make season 2

  • Dana

    The TV show is very good. I love it very much. I really can’t wait for season 2. All i would like to know is what powers George has. Dana from Trinidad

  • Selena13

    I LOVE No Ordinary Family,but now I’m crushed! I really want to know what Katy and Joshua and there new baby are going to do now, and you can’t forget the crash with George. So please put the show back on.

  • kez33

    This sucks two programmes now that i have watched and enjoyed to then b told they r not making any more…….what is it with u people its not about the ones who dont watch it its about us the veiwers if u want ur channel rated ur not doing a very good job infact i have nothing descent too say at all……… it would b the biggest mistake u will make not making a second season for this programme……we need too know what happens next how do u people get away with this ??????..

  • L33D5UTD

    Im sorry to say this but glee is fucking shit and anybody over the age of 12 who watches it needs a slap……..nof is the bees and they need to film season 2

  • family mann

    what can i say myself like other viewers who did watch the whole season one thinks that the show is awsome and would like a season two…..so step it up with your viewer counts and bring it back

  • Bernard

    I am hook too come on ABC we want season 2