Will There Be A 'No Ordinary Family' Season 2?

Will There Be A 'No Ordinary Family' Season 2?

In the wake of Fringe’s 22 episode season 4 renewal, there are unsurprisingly some questions about what that means for other shows. We decided to start with 'No Ordinary Family' as season finale is getting  close (the last episode airs on April 5th)

So, will there be a No Ordinary Family season 2?

Most probably not. This Saturday's episode drew a series low 1.0 adults 18-49 rating (previous series low for a Tuesday episode was a 1.2 rating). That's 3.620 million viewers and not good at all.

Matt from TVGuide.com commented:

This show is very much on the bubble, I'm afraid. We won't know if it's coming back until the fall schedule is set in May, but airing opposite juggernauts like NCIS and Glee has proved every bit as difficult as you'd imagine. I drifted away early on, finding the tone a little too ABC Family for my liking, more precious than provocative. But I get your point that it's a more coherent, cohesive and satisfying experience than Heroes turned out to be. On the urging of others, I checked out this Tuesday's episode in advance, and it fulfills the show's promise about as well as you could hope. Lots more action and suspense (much of it involving a very devious shape-shifter), and it's about time. If the numbers don't budge this week, I'd be concerned. So enjoy it while you can.

Has the show lived up to the expectations? In my opinion when you're watching it, it's actually great but it seems not enough to keep the people coming back that usually watch TV shows this genre.

What about you? Is it worth to fight for the second season renewal or asking ABC to not cancel ” No Ordinary Family” is a waste of time? They have had canceled even better shows.

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