'No Ordinary Family' Casting Spoilers - Lucy Lawless & Eric Balfour

'No Ordinary Family' Casting Spoilers - Lucy Lawless & Eric Balfour

Here are the latest No Ordinary Family spoilers on upcoming guest appearances:

Lucy Lawless will join the No ordinary Family cast for at least five episodes.

  • According a Family friend, Lawless will play a powerful woman and potential adversary for the Powell clan whose agenda could put the family in danger.

Eric Balfour will also appear in two episodes.

  • will play a death row inmate named Marcus Winnick in two episodes that will likely air in March.

Few hints about Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer upcoming guest appearance as the mysterious, superpowered Sophia Adler:

  • It's hard to say anything about the character without giving away too much, but she definitely puts a bit of a rift in the system. I worked a lot with Michael Chiklis which was amazing, and Romany Malco, and I had a couple of scenes with Julie Benz. [ via Scifi Mafia]

You might also want to check the today's spoiler from TV Guide featuring Jim Powell & Victoria scene in next week's episode.

  • Those of you who were hoping for The Shield to end with a shocking evil Vic Mackey twin reveal will sort of get your wish. In next week's episode, shapeshifter Victoria (Rebecca Mader) faces off against Jim Powell (as Jim Powell) in hopes of replacing him permanently.