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No Ordinary Family Episode 3 "No Ordinary Ring" Guide

We now have episode guide for No ordinary Family Episode 3 "No Ordinary Ring". Keep reading for spoilers.

  • After Stephanie's ring is stolen during a robbery at a high-end wedding, Jim and George become wedding crashers in an attempt to catch the thugs.
  • After learning that assistant Katie misguidedly used her own blood to cover for Stephanie's company physical exam – fearing that the results would reveal her powers – Stephanie is forced to use her powers in order to retrieve the blood sample from a secure lab.
  • Against her parents' wishes, Daphne wants to tell her friend Megan about her telepathic abilities after she inadvertently reads her mind and blurts out what she heard.
  • JJ asks Daphne to scan the mind of a cute girl to find out if she has feelings for him.