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No Ordinary Family Spoilers - Episode 2-6 Titles & Storylines

Here are the latest " No Ordinary Family" spoilers and episode titles. In case you missed it, take a look at pilot episode trailer, sneak peeks and some promotional photos posted last week.

Twilight vampire Jackson Rathbone has reportedly been cast as Trent Stafford, a classmate of the newly telepathic daughter Daphne. His character was apparently the recent victim of a burglary. The role might be a recurring one. [The Ausiello Files]

In the fourth episode, entitled "No Ordinary Vigilante", James Earl will reportedly play Kenny, Ashton Moio will reportedly play superpowered son J.J.'s friend Declan, and Chord Overstreet will reportedly reprise his role of Lucas. The character first appeared in the pilot. [KSiteTV]

  • Episode 1 - " Pilot "
  • Episode 2 - " No Ordinary Marriage "
  • Episode 3 - Title Unknown
  • Daphne blackmails her brother, JJ, into using his powers for her own benefit.
    There is also a subplot involving an old friend named Megan whose loneliness is obvious to Daphne who can read her thoughts.
    “Secret identities” seem to be a theme of the third episode.

  • Episode 4 -  " No Ordinary Vigilante "
  • JJ uses his powers to get a chance to try out for the football team.
    Daphne learns the “secret” location of a somewhat obnoxious upperclassman’s party thanks to her powers.

  • Episode 5 - " No Ordinary Quake "
  • Daphne suspects that something inappropriate is happening between one of her friends and one of her teachers.
    Jim runs into someone else who has powers, but that person not be doing the right things with them.
    Someone with powers creates an earthquake-like situation.

  1. Episode 6 - " No Ordinary Visitors "

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