What Melinda Clarke Has To Say About The Two-Part Finale Of Nikita

What Melinda Clarke Has To Say About The Two-Part Finale Of Nikita

The first part of the season 1 finale of Nikita airs in a few hours, but here's what Melinda Clarke (Amanda) has to say about it!

When asked about the end of last week's episode, Clarke says

“Alex is in trouble — big trouble. She’s going to be fighting for her life. Who knows, maybe Amanda will decide she needs to be cancelled. You’ll never, ever, ever predict what’s going on with Amanda.”

Is “cancellation” a real possibility for Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca)?

"My take on all of this is that there are so many moments when Alex could have been “canceled” throughout the season, but wasn’t. I don’t think Amanda is threatened by Alex — even now — but she ultimately wants to use Alex for her own progression in Division. She needs to make the best human-weapon possible, and if Alex can get through this moment, maybe Amanda can use her for her future. But I don’t know what the future is, obviously. But I do know that Alex is definitely in danger."

About whether or not Amanda and Percy (Xander Berkeley) know about Michael, she says

"Let’s put it this way: Amanda’s no dummy. Division has been watching Michael, and even though he feels like he’s under the radar, you should always assume Percy and Amanda know a lot more than what the audience is being told. Michael has a good heart and he’s not an enemy — and Percy’s not an enemy, either. They’re using each other to get what they want. That said, Percy and Amanda will have some disagreements in the next few episodes, and it’ll make for very good television."

As for Nikita saving Alex from Amanda, the actress explains "

We won’t see Amanda and Nikita have a moment like that again this season, but there will be a bit of a flashback. Of course, that is one of the things I hope that the audience can look forward to seeing more of in the future. I keep thinking that I need to be doing some combat training every day for whenever Amanda sees Nikita next. [Laughs] Maggie is just so efficient in that regard."

A Nikita/Michael/Alex-Amanda showdown?
There’s definitely a little bit of a showdown, she continues, a

"true Amanda-style. Amanda doesn’t give too much of her energy toward being physical. If she had to, I’m sure she would. But I will say that Alex is in deep trouble for her life. That’s the showdown people will see on the finale.”

When asked if she feels that Amanda is a villian, she tells TVLine,

"I can’t play her as a villain. Amanda still has joy and laughter and hopes like any human being. But she really did give some of herself to Nikita, and she feels as though Nikita betrayed her. In the finale, you’re going to see a moment that consists of Amanda being as human as she possibly can be. It’s a nice little twist."