What Can We Expected From 'Nikita' Season 1 Finale?

What Can We Expected From 'Nikita' Season 1 Finale?

Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex) and Melinda Clarke (Amanda) tell us what we can expect from the season finale of Nikita!

When Fonseca was asked about a cliffhanger ending, here's what she replied:

"Yes and no. It doesn't end with a shock, like with literally someone hanging off a cliff. But in the last episode so much changes that in many ways, it is one big cliffhanger because so many things are changing and shifting around. But the last scene isn't someone dying or anything. It's the perfect combination."

As for Clarke, she is preparing fans for a Percy (Xander Berkeley) and Amanda showdown.

"Well, lets just say that Percy is the head of Division, but we have all kind of questioned what power Amanda actually has. Is she the master behind the manipulator? Is she a puppet master? How connected is she?"

My guess is, all this will be answered in the finale so make sure you tune in!

Source: E!Online