Nikita Spoilers: Melinda Clarke Teases Amanda's Season 4 Arc

2.0Nikita's swan song run bows in a few days! TV Line spoke with the portrayer of the series villain, Melinda Clarke to officially whet our appetite!

What can we expect from the wicked Amanda on the spy drama's final six episodes?

Read on for the spoilers:

Expect to see Melinda Clarke’s evildoer “crack a little” in the show’s final six episodes.

“She really starts to cause problems for The Shop because of her own personal agenda,” previews the actress. “There are some really intense things that happen along the way because of Amanda’s obsession with Nikita. [Amanda's] trying to create World War III this season and she keeps trying to stop it.” Fun Aside: The Big Bad org will no longer be known as The Shop. “Percy called it The Shop,” Clarke tells us. “We’re now calling it The Group.”

'Nikita' season 4 premieres Friday, Nov. 22 on the CW.