Nikita Spoilers: Lyndsy Fonsesca on Alex's Relapse, 'Salex' and More -- Q&A

Nikita Spoilers: Lyndsy Fonsesca on Alex's Relapse, 'Salex' and More -- Q&A

TV Line had a chat with Nikita actress, Lyndsy Fonsesca about her character on the show, Alex. On the season 3 premiere episode, Alex used her alter-ego as Russian socialite Alexandra Udinov to con the agents in HK. In next week's episode, what can we expect from Alex? Can we see her back in the arms of Sean?

Check out the spoilers below!

Talk a little about this week’s episode, “Innocence,” and why this case — which centers on a young girl abducted and forced into a Division lifestyle — means so much to Alex.

Initially, Alex is hesitant to deal with this. It’s so close to her own life, so she wants to handle the parents, not the kid. And what ends up happening is that she really connects with the mother in a way that reminds her of her own mother, because [neither woman knows that her child] is alive and out there in the world. There’s some sort of closure that Alex has through being able to bring this little girl back to her mother. There’s so much similarity with this girl between both Alex and Nikita; it’s really cool.

Recent episodic photos show Alex rocking an arm brace. What can you reveal about her impending injury?

Alex is, in an attempt to [push] Nikita out of the way, going to end up getting shot in the shoulder. The injury itself ends up being a bigger deal throughout the beginning of the season because the only thing keeping her going is the fact that she’s got this purpose in life; she’s with her “family,” they’re trying to clean up Division and they’re fighting for good and taking down evil. And when she’s injured, she can’t go out in the field. It forces her to stop and sit and wonder why she feels so anxious, why she feels like she can’t just be.

That must be the “darker path” ahead for Alex that Craig Silverstein recently told us about.

What’s important for Alex and what the writers have done, which is great, is that… you can be clean, but you’re still an addict. That idea was always very important to me, because I didn’t want her to be on the street doing drugs and then saved and all better. No, if she has one glass of wine, she’s f–ed. So, there’s this bullet wound and the pain and the fact that she can’t get out there in the field; all she wants to do is get better. At first she thinks she’ll just take a pain pill and be fine; with an addict’s mentality, you start rationalizing and making excuses, and eventually it gets worse and worse and worse. So, we’re going to deal with that.

What exactly is the dynamic between the two (Owen and Alex) once they finally meet?

When Owen is reintroduced this season, we don’t really know what he’s been doing. He comes out of prison and Alex is actually the one that interrogates him, since they’ve never met and she can get close to him.

We’ve yet to learn the status of Alex and Sean’s relationship, other than to say that he’s still helping Division when he definitely doesn’t have to be. What’s ahead for this possible twosome?

I think Sean is there only because of Alex. Nothing’s keeping him there except for her. His love for her is very deep and for all of the right reasons, and he feels very protective of her. He doesn’t want her to keep getting hurt.

Anything else coming up for Alex that you’re particularly excited about?

I always like Alex when she shows her vulnerability, and when she does, it makes her strength out in the field so much stronger. There are going to be missions with her kicking ass, but there’s also going to be stuff that she’s dealing with on her own before people find out what she’s going through. And then I’m really looking forward to working with Melinda Clarke again. I know that’s in the future this season.


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