Nikita Spoilers: 'Intersection' Preview -- A Darker Division

Nikita Spoilers: 'Intersection' Preview -- A Darker Division

Nikita and her band of super spies are back with an all new episode titled "Intersection". To know about the major events to unfold, check out what TV Line dished!

Things are about to get dark for Division. In fact, says showrunner Craig Silverstein, Amanda's "lessons" will "definitely go to some places that Percy would never even go."

Alex's addiction, meanwhile, will be nipped in the bud in the first episode back, though, he teases: "Really, this is just laying the groundwork for some later developments."

And remember that "horrible" thing ahead for Michael that we've been teasing since Comic-Con? Well, it's happening very soon, and "comes as a consequence of [their] going after Amanda," Silverstein reveals, adding: "It's going to be a really interesting problem."

Watch this all new episode of Nikita on Friday, Jan. 18th on the CW. For this episode's promo, click here.