Nikita Spoilers: A Fatal Twist and A 'Mikita' Steamy Scene!

Broken HomeThis week on Nikita, a massive and deadly twist is coming our way! That's according to showrunner Craig Silverstein who spoke to TV Line about the visit of the Grim Reaper to slay one of Nikita's major players.

“A horribly shocking thing happens this week. In my mind — with the exception of Percy — I don’t think we’ve really had a death like this. It’s a hero’s death for one of the members of our team, and [an actor or actress] who’s been a regular for so long… Sure, Ari was an amazing character, but he was a bad guy. So, I don’t think we’ve had this exact moment.”

The EP also notes that the demise of the said character is “not a standard, big-moment sacrifice,” but it’s also not “an off-the-cuff, middle-of-some-other-scene moment.”

In addition to that, Silverstein confirms that “There are a couple deaths this week, actually”. The EP seemed to be tight-lipped about the second death since no further details were leaked.

imagesAs promised, the EP didn't fail to break some steamy news for Mikita shippers. On the same report he teases an anticipated event that will unfold before season 3 concludes, read the spoilers below:

“There is a certain shower scene coming up that was promised a long time ago. It may not be in exactly the way everyone wants it — because I think when they’re asking for this scene, they want a sexy, soft core shower commercial, basically. We don’t do that, but they are both in a shower, wet and naked. So, that does happen.”

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