Shane West Talks About The Remaining Episodes Of Nikita Season 1

Shane West Talks About The Remaining Episodes Of Nikita Season 1

Check out some spoilers about the remaining few episodes of season 1 of Nikita!

First off, Shane West (Michael) says

“They’re [Mikita] going to start having serious conversations about their relationship. You’re going to see what some people would call… ‘the dreaded relationship talk.’ ‘How are we going to work together now that we’re together and sleeping together?’ and things like that. So there is going be good steamy scenes for the fans who love that, and there is going be real confrontation as well. It can’t be so simple cause we’re only in season 1, and we can’t make everything so perfect, you know?”

When West was asked about the challenges they're going to be facing now that they're a couple, he explains

"Michael is still a part of Division and, at this point, Alex is as well, and they’re going to have to get together — all three, as a unit — to do what they have to do. It’s better — there is more strength in numbers — but they’re still completely outnumbered. It’s just going to make things a little bit more difficult but at least they’ll have each other."

About a Michael/Percy showdown,

"Michael still stays a part of Division. He’s currently a part of Division, and he’s has to bide his time to get his revenge. It’s not going to happen immediately, but we only have a few episodes left so he’s going to try and be, basically, the mole that Alex was originally, in the beginning of the year. He’s starting to try to collect information from Amanda, from Berkoff, from Percy and report back to Nikita. I think you’ll just see a lot more of that before the chaos truly begins."

From trying to find the mole to being the mole, West explains

"It's a little strange that he's turned into the mole now after trying to figure out who the mole was. I think he believes it's got to take time and he's got to make sure things are OK in Division with whoever is running it. All of his relationships have to be OK for him to get out and have things still be believable. But let's be honest, we only have a few episodes left and it's not going to last long. Michael is in trouble."

About the finale,

"The best way to put it: In the world of Nikita, everything will have changed by this last episode. It’s going to be completely different than the first episode, and it’s going to be a lot of new, different partnerships. There are going to be a lot of changes in certain characters’ positions — whether that’s in Division or the CIA or Gogol or anything like that. It’s going to keep people’s heads spinning, which we’re really excited to see how that comes out."

As for Mikita being in a good place at the end of the season, he says,

"I don’t know. I will say: yes and no. I think the fans will be happy. I'm very intrigued to see what [fans are] going to think with the last episode. Because Michael and Nikita are together, but it looks like it's going to be a tough road ahead. There's a lot of questions. There's a lot of things left open, so that we can get our season two."

Here what we have to look forward to during the May 11 finale:
With the clock ticking down to an imminent attack on the U.S., Ryan will put his job on the line to get Nikita released from CIA custody. Meanwhile, Birkhoff decides to ditch Division, but not before pointing Michael in Nikita's direction. Too bad he'll be stuck inside Division, which is not the safest place to be in the finale.

Source: TVGuide EW