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Nikita Season 3 Episode 20 "High-Value Target" Guide

Here's the official guide of Nikita season 3 episode 20 "High-Value Target". This episode airs on Friday, May 3 on the CW.


  • Seized from the wreckage of Division, the black box falls into the hands of a mutinous agent guided by Amanda (Melinda Clarke).
  • Select leaks to sweeten the box's sale immediately put what's left of the team in peril from potential international buyers and the President.
  • With no support staff, few leads, and clock ticking, arms dealer/reformed rogue Cyrus (guest star Isaiah Mustafa) returns to do right.
  • With his help, Nikita, Michael (Shane West) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) stage a daring op at the tightly-secured G-20 economic summit to regain control of the box and everyone's future.

Source: CW